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Become a decisive, calm and effective nonprofit leader.

I'm here to help.

Raise More Money * Find Calm in Your Day * Align Your Resources


Do you struggle with your nonprofit?

  • Board that just doesn't "get it" or doesn't fundraise?

  • Understaffed for the amount of work that needs to get done?

  • No systems for tracking information or knowing how to access key data?

  • Lack of clarity of what the most important thing is and assignment of roles?

  • Worried about fundraising?

  • Exhausted from doing everything?

  • Annoyed when told to "delegate" when there's nobody to delegate to?

  • Staff that is underutilized or misaligned to your goals?

  • Information silos between departments?

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Why work with me?

Unlike other consultants, I have over a decade of experience as an Executive Director scaling up a nonprofit organization. I've sat in every seat from chief fundraiser to head janitor and I understand what it takes to go from a dream to building a real, well-functioning organization.

My goal is to help you to simplify and clarify so you can focus on what really matters.

Think of me as your organizational sherpa as you scale your way to the peaks of organizational greatness.

Rhea Wong is a unicorn. Talented, knowledgeable, resourceful, efficient, delightful, and can get things done like no other. She is also a pleasure to work with and has a handsome dog.
— -Katie Orenstein, CEO, The OpEd Project

Rhea Wong was a tremendous resource helping us build a clear strategic roadmap that will ensure we met our mission for generations to come. Her level of rigor, insight and experience were exactly what the job called for and we are much better off for having had her as the leader of our strategic process.
— Matt Farron, Trustee and Chair of the Summerbridge Advisory Committee of San Francisco University High School
Rhea brings an incredible energy and years of expertise in nonprofit work and how to raise the bar of excellence. I engaged Rhea to facilitate a conversation to jumpstart a collaborative community initiative, and help all parties realign goals and roles. Her thoroughness and attention to what partners were saying helped kick off a long-term program with success. Thank you, Rhea!
— Jill Roche Gomez, Executive Director, Hunts Point Alliance for Children