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Episode 13-Generosity and Fundraising with Jennifer McCrea

Join me as I talk with Jennifer McCrea: writer, speaker, teacher and master fundraiser. What are the blocks that you're putting in the way of your fundraising? How do we help ourselves and others access a mindset of abundance and grace when combining resources?




Episode 9-Foundation Fundraising with Jane Geever

Just in time for Thanksgiving and #givingtuesday! Join me and this master class with Jane Geever, President of JC Geever. She's been fundraising in New York City for over 40 years and wrote the book on grantwriting (literally!) Tune in to hear some of her insights on foundation fundraising. For more information on JC Geever, check out jcgeever.com




Episode 8-Putting the Fun in Fundraising with Cleo Cavolo

Ok, kids, hold onto your hats because master fundraiser Cleo Cavolo is coming in hot! She shares with us all of her wisdom that helped her achieve 20% year over year growth, how to talk to your board members about raising money and the future of philanthropy. Don't miss this one!




Episode 23-Board Management and Raising $$ with David King

Today I'm chatting with David King, President of Alexander Haas, a fundraising consulting firm. We discuss how to build and manage a giving board, how to hire development staff and some future trends in philanthropy.




Episode 20-What Funders Think with Carol Argento

Join me in today's conversation with Carol Argento, VP of the Charles Hayden Foundation. What are program officers really looking for? How important are connections in getting funded? What makes a great site visit?